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Tutor Guide

Tips for a successful tutor profile:


  1. Please remember to click the validation link we send to your email upon registering. Without doing so your profile will not show up in the search results.
  2. Please add Sheffield Tutors to your email contacts list. If you do not add us to your contacts, you potentially risk not receiving some of your notifications because of spam filters.

My Profile:

  1. Please keep all the information on your profile relevant and up to date, especially your contact details. All profile information can be edited through the ‘Edit Profile’ section of your account. Profiles with outdated/incorrect contact information will not be successful.
  2. We recommend that all our tutors upload a profile picture. Generally accounts with an uploaded profile picture receive more job requests than those without.
  3. Please support any claims regarding qualifications and DBS by uploading the relevant documentation for us to approve.
  4. If you wish your profile to be removed or temporarily deactivated please let us know via email. If you have no intention or are unable to offer tuition services we ask you to inform us so that your profile doesn’t appear in the search results.

Job Offers:

  1. Remember that if you accept a job offer, you are making a commitment to teach this tutee.
  2. Before accepting, we recommend confirming with the tutee:
    • Who is doing the travelling (confirm whether it is you or the tutee).
    • That you can both agree time/date availability for a first lesson.
    • That you can meet their tutoring needs.

Email Notifications:

  1. As a registered tutor you will receive message notifications alerting you to new messages and job offers. After receiving an email notification from us please try and login to your Sheffield Tutors account as soon as possible. The tutors who are quickest to respond to messages and job offers often secure more work.

First lesson:

  1. If requested by the parent/tutee please provide any references, DBS checks, etc, that you have offered in your profile.


If you require any further assistance please email us at admin@sheffieldtutors.com