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About Us


Sheffield Tutors is a new, simple and highly effective service, designed to serve the needs of tutors and tutees in Sheffield.

At Sheffield Tutors we believe every child has a high potential to increase their educational capabilities. Unfortunately it’s hard for schools to focus on students individually, making it nearly impossible for every child’s individual potential to be fully nurtured. Sheffield Tutors private one-on-one tutoring service can focus on your child individually, meaning their capabilities can be grown outside of the classroom. A good private tutor will give students the confidence, knowledge and mindset to succeed.

For unknown reasons, tutoring services just haven’t moved forward in the same way that other industries have. Here at Sheffield Tutors we’re on a  mission to provide a more effective, fairer and all round better service for the tutors and tutees of Sheffield.Sheffield tutors private tuition

We provide a tutoring service in which helps tutees and parents to find private tutors in their local city of Sheffield. At Sheffield Tutors we put you in control of choosing a tutor that you like and at an hourly rate that you feel is appropriate. If you yourself are a tutor then regardless whether you are new to it, or a vastly experienced tutor, we can help you find work. As a company we value what you do and so we don’t charge you or take a single penny out of your earnings.

Here at Sheffield Tutors all we ask for is a one-off introduction fee of £19.99.  We differ from many other tutoring services because there are no additional fees or hidden costs.